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The ‘Streaming Media Alliance’ is a democratic, non-profit networking organization of Internet companies and individuals that embrace a philosophy of ‘shared content’, and who want to work together on a global basis to advance the cause of streaming and business.

An organizational meeting was held in the Penthouse West Suite of the New York Hilton Hotel and Towers, June 12, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. You can access any of these sites to watch grimm online. A networking reception was hosted by, limousines to events afterwards were sponsored by The organizing session was taped by Click here to be a part of it.

Alumni’s Car Bed for Boys

A Twin Car Bed is the perfect addition to the room of pint-sized car lovers!

There are several cute car beds for boys to choose from…..

Disney Cars Fans will love the new Lightning McQueen Twin Bed.

There are also several over Twin Race Car Beds including this classic Little Tikes model that comes in blue and red.

This one is a classic that has been around for years.  I remember watching “Mr. Mom” as a child and seeing this race car bed.  The bed is available in red and blue.

The Step 2 Stock Car Bed is also quite popular and can be used as a toddler or twin size bed:

True race fans may enjoy this race car bed.  They will feel just like they are in a real race car while sleeping in this realistic looking Stock Car twin car bed by Step 2.   A matching Tool Chest Dresser and Toy Box are also available making a complete race car furniture assemble!

Career Counseling and Resume Writing

Fred Nagel is the President of Acorn Career Counseling and Resume Writing. An experienced career counselor, Mr. Nagel has worked with a wide range of professionals seeking employment. Most recently, he served as Manager of Career Services for an eight million dollar federal grant that helped 3000 former IBM employees find new careers.

A graduate of Cornell University (BA English) and Fordham University (MS Counseling), Mr. Nagel has also taught on the college level and worked as a compensation analyst on Wall Street. He has done many types of writing, from patent disclosures to federal grants. Mr. Nagel has helped over 1000 clients in career transition over the last 10 years.

“Most job hunters can write a resume that is historically accurate. What many job seekers cannot do is modify the presentation of their experience and background to fit a certain employment market. Ineffective resumes are very often the result of poor or non existent marketing plans. This failure is especially damaging for the executive, upper level manager, and experienced professional.
There are cheaper Resume Writing Services on the Internet, but they will do what you can probably already do yourself. Acorn charges from $275 to $375 per resume because I spend time with you, planning how to make your resume part of an effective job search strategy. I then write your resume; I don’t give it to someone else to finish. In the end, you will get much more than an excellent resume. You will approach employers with a well thought out plan that highlights your most marketable skills. With a resume from Acorn, you will get more interviews and significantly shorten your job search.”

Business Alumni – Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Making money online is not that easy.  Sometimes you have to hustle hard.  Many people will tell you the fastest way to make money is by throwing up a website.  This is simply not true.

When it comes to owning a website it is important that you are aware of the effectiveness of search engine optimization. Quite simply, without it you will struggle in a major way, but in order to really emphasize its importance we need to look at what it does and how it has an impact on your website.

When you venture onto Google and carry out a search you will often find yourself merely looking at the results that appear on the first page. There is something about those first ten results that draw you in because you will more often than not find what you are looking for and not even venture to page two. These results that you see before you are there thanks to search engine optimization and the companies that own those websites could have spent a lot of money in getting to those prime positions.

The links that you see on the first page are the result of careful work being done on keyword optimization, link building, social media interaction, and a whole host of other things that professional SEO companies do in order to boost the profile of a website. These professionals have spent time building the site in question and turning it into an authority site, at least in the eyes of Google, to get on that first page. The result? An increase in the organic traffic that lands on the website followed by an increase in brand awareness and turnover.

In order to stress the importance of SEO we need to look at some facts and figures. Obviously when somebody searches under keywords everybody will land on the first page and people will scan through the links. From this 100%, only 50% will ever look at page two, but when you get to page three, then you are looking at less than 25% of those people that looked at the second page. By the time you get to the fourth page the numbers are so small that you really are wasting your time and your website is being missed out completely by the people that would be interested in what you have to offer.

In short, if you completely ignore search engine optimization, then your website will be too far down the results pages for people to even be aware of your existence. Think about how that is going to have a negative impact on your business both in the time you will have wasted in getting the website developed along with cost to see how SEO really can play an integral role in your business.

Our business directory will help connect you with business people trying to gain a foothold in the business network.  You will learn a lot about the tactics and techniques in order to make friends and a lot of money online in internet marketing.